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Turn your unwanted gold and silver into money you can use today!  At Rockport Gold and Silver we buy your unwanted gold and silver jewelry, silverware, coins, and more.  We are the best local gold buyers in the area. 

As locals, we know how important it is to pay our local customers a fair price for their goods. We are members of the Rockport Fulton Chamber of Commerce and are licensed to do business in the State of Texas. Our office is located conveniently in Rockport.   Call us at 361-857-4496 or click below to to make an appointment to sell your gold and silver today!

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How It Works

At Rockport Gold and Silver we promise you integrity, an exceptional customer experience, and a fair price for your gold and silver jewelry, scrap, coins, silverware, and more. We make selling your old, damaged jewelry, precious metals, silverware, and coins easy. When you visit our Rockport office we will use our 30 years of combined experience to quickly and effectively test, research, and price your gold and silver. We will guide you through our process, explaining how everything works and how we calculate your items value. No pressure. You are in control of your transaction from start to finish and if you choose to sell us your gold or silver goods you will receive a check for them on the spot.  We are currently seeing the gold and silver prices rise, contact us today to sell your items.

What We Buy

At Rockport Gold and Silver we purchase any gold, silver, platinum, or palladium items.  This includes gold and silver jewelry, coins, bullion, and scrap items. We buy items in any condition, whether they are broken, damaged, or simply unwanted. Our team has a combined 30 years of experience working in the jewelry field, we will evaluate your items and offer you a fair price based on current market values. We pride ourselves on providing a hassle-free and transparent buying experience. Whether you’re looking to sell a single piece of jewelry, a couple of silver coins, silverware pieces, or a large collection of jewelry and coins, we are here to help.

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Make an appointment to sell your gold or silver by clicking below.  If you like you can send us a picture and description of your goods and we’ll take a look before you ever have to come in!